Bookmatch or Bookmatching is when two or more slabs of stone are “opened up” and polished on the surfaces facing each other, so that they mirror each other, like an opened book creating virtually identical patterns.

Bookmatching can be also referred to the veins of several marble slabs following each other creating a flow-like pattern. This adds an elegant and smoother look to your design.

Below are some samples of our Bookmatching:  Arcobaleno Onyx Bookmatch, Mont Blanc Bookmatch, Grey Fusion Bookmatch, Karmania Bookmatch, Onyx Bookmatch, Panda White Bookmatch, African Fusion Counter Bookmatch, Marbre Bookmatch, KLB Onyx Bookmatch, Mugla Bookmatch, Panda White Bookmatch, Pink Onyx Bookmatch, Rosso Levanto Bookmatch, Platinium White Bookmatch, Ocean Wave Bookmatch and many more available.